Digital expertise
and solutions

ALTO 4.0 is a digital expertise and solutions spin-off of a major industrial group. We add value to industrial businesses through process digitalization and have a strong track record of developing and implementing solutions that bring economic benefit.

We provide a unique set of skills and experience - a combination of digital capabilities and deep industry knowledge.


Our solutions are developed, tested and continuously fine-tuned in direct collaboration with specialists from the industry - product owners, managers and end users.

Other solutions

Construction Project Management

Tendering, project budget, sub-contractor, documentation, team and progress management solution for general construction

Tekla Structures Open API Solutions

Out-of-box solutions and custom development for engineering process automation and systems integration more

Quality Management / Issue Reporting

Universal tool for construction and production quality management with issue statuses and a configurable analysis framework

Document management module

Comprehensive document management solution with online editing capabilities and configurable multi-level workflow scenarios

Employee Management

Employee time, business trip and vacation management solution

Supply Chain Management

Material order management systems for production plants and construction sites

Sales Management

Tender status manager for precast and steel structures with configurable product and price templates and automatic document generator

Logistics Management

Packing-list planning, freight combination and transport planning
BIM Precast ERP
  • Integration with engineering and financial ERP software
  • Element full life-cycle status updates
  • Assembly planning (calendar and 3D)
  • Packing list planning
  • Automatic element rationing
  • Automatic multi-criteria production scheduling
  • Production pallet layout optimisation
  • Detailed planning/short term (element level)
  • High level planning/medium term (m, m², m³)
  • In-cast parts management
  • Production team planning
  • Configurable automatic employee pay calculator
  • Multiple production plant support
  • Warehouse management for end products
  • Project document management
  • Life cycle status management with barcode/scanner system
BIM Building Frame Project Manager
  • Integration with engineering and financial ERP software
  • List/3D model viewer capabilities
  • Element full life-cycle status manager (engineering, production, warehouse, delivery, assembly)
  • In-cast parts management
  • Dedicated project management interfaces for engineers, producers, supply-chain managers, logistics, assembly team
  • Project document management
  • Fully integrated barcode/scanner system
Our multi-industry digitalization experience allows us to quickly get on board with client, understand the needs and challenges, critically explore existing business processes, deploy an inter-disciplinary project team consisting of digital and industry professionals and deliver a solution that brings the expected benefits to the business.
Industrial business process analysis and simulation
BIM expertise
Planning and scheduling algorithm design
Engineering process analysis and automation
Smart factory and real-time monitoring
Custom system development and implementation
ALTO 4.0
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